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  • lesjrcox, 33
    United States, Oklahoma
     Femme  20  45 Libertine
    I'm a one of a kind guy that is not afraid to try new things. If you thing that you want to chat or maybe meet. Check out my profile and see if your down to meet a cool person. One more thing nevermind you can find out when you message me.
  • crazyone, 40
    United States, Florida
     Femme  18  32 Libertine
    I am a sigle guy looking for a young lady to have fun with, to start a life with, to enjoy life with. Someone to be friends with and possible more.
  • MadlenNNN, 31
    United States, Washington
     Homme  20  45 Amitié
    Just searching for a good friend for friendship and not only ;)))))
  • chrissylor, 26
    United States, California
     Homme  25  37 Libertine
    I am single and I like changing my partners very often. I like being acting and feeling taste of life.
  • KairaUSA, 24
    United States, California
     Homme  18  45 Libertine
    just the sexe
  • CaryUs, 46
    United States, Missouri
     Homme  25  57 Libertine
    I would like to meet someone to fall in love with be happy have fun and grow old with , am not looking for just sex. So if you can do it,I am the one for you.hmm.. a man, who knows what he's doing.. has a sense of humor, can take a joke, can dish a joke, keep interested and coming back for more.. here's an...
  • Greeny, 50
    United States, Maryland
     Homme  30  60 Rencontre
    all I need is love. :)
  • Judde, 33
    United States, North Carolina
     Homme  25  50 Libertine
    hey gyus!!!don t make it bad!
  • Pinkheart, 39
    United States, Georgia
     Homme  25  50 Rencontre
    We ll just let the nature do all think
  • AshleyS, 35
    United States, New Jersey
     Homme  25  50 Rencontre
    I was let down and betrayed by men many times. Men are scared of smart strong women with deep emotions.lol!
  • Jennifr, 45
    United States, Georgia
     Homme  35  55 Libertine
    I m somewhat open-minded women, I enjoy life and I'd like to get aquainted with a compassionate man.
  • daffords, 56
    United States, California
     Femme  45  55 Rencontre
    I love to laugh. My life is wonderful and I have a lot to be thankful for. So I guess because of that I am outgoing and want to enjoy things, but on the same way reserved and not boisterous. I believe in being sincere, honest, being kind to others, and to find the good in everyone. I believe in the family...
  • Sarah-Lisa, 31
    United States, California
     Homme  18  57 Libertine
    envie de sportir de quotidien et voir une aventure..
  • Alexande5, 31
    United States, Virgin Islands
     Femme  26  33 Amitié
    Ignorance is the curse of God, knowledge the wing wherewith we fly to heaven.
  • Martinyo, 31
    United States, Florida
     Homme  26  35 Amitié
    One cannot help being old, but one can resist being aged.
  • Bakarne_sm, 31
    United States, California
     Homme  25  28 Rencontre
    Living without an aim is like sailing without a compass.