I am sincere and conceited to say that I have very good moral values tied to a great sense of humor. I am a very happy individual and an excellent father. I love my son dearly with all my heart. But I still have enough room for the rest of the universe to love. I am very honest, and as an individual have developed a high sense of common sense, which is most of the time coupled with lots of self esteem. I love and enjoy life to the most vibrant extend. I enjoy all sorts of activities, including diving, swimming, surfing, visiting museums, parks, taking long walks, as well as going to or watching movies. I am undeniably good spirited, kind, and very considerate, and I strongly enjoy to be accepted. However, I still love to be down to earth. I love getting attention and still manage to be diplomatic, and solve other people’s problems. Even though I love to handle everyone with respect and assurance, I am very courageous and fearless, because I am extremely adventures. I love long, hot, and gentle kisses, I am sometimes very emotional. I am also thoughtful and compassionate but I don’t like to be messed around for the sake of senselessness or intolerance. I enjoy being loyal and I do not believe in cheating on someone. I want to deliver the promise to the love of my future heart and my future woman, whom I will love with all my existence, heart, mind, body, and soul. Email me on or whatapp and text me on 349 829 5125.


United States
Green Bay

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